Choose your path.

Sometimes I feel as if life is chasing me. It is as if I am always on the run, trying to survive what is grappling at me from within. I’ve had lots of wins and losses throughout my whole life, but to be honest, I am not satisfied at all. They said you could be anything if you tried- but what if you don’t know what you really want? That has always been my problem. For the past decade, I’ve been interested by many, and I already thought it would be final, but my decision had never been stable. I don’t know what my real passion is- well, except for reading, of course. But in this life, we need to have a job in order for us to sustain our daily sense of being. In my values education quite some time ago, my teacher said that to succeed in life, you need a bow, arrow and a target. You cannot simply choose one over the other. You need all three of them, for the bow stands for your potential, the arrow for your passion, and the target is success. Never forget those factors; they will be useful sometime in life.

Just A Random Writer 💜


Take the dive.

Life is very complicated. Nobody can predict exact happenings of the future- even psychic visions cannot tell everything. Most people try to maintain in control of their whole lives. Having a target in life is very good, but sometimes the best thing to do with life is to go with the flow. Don’t stop things that are already happening. Just let them happen. I mean, at least you won’t keep asking the “what if” in your life. Take the dive. Be a daredevil!

Just A Random Writer 💜