Sometimes Keeping Your Thoughts To Yourself Isn’t The Best Choice

All people have a time when they’re having strong negative emotions toward something or someone. Sometimes keeping it to yourself isn’t the best choice, for if emotional stress is suppressed, it might get the best of you. Remember, everyone needs to vent once in a while. Nobody is invincible. All of us have the ability to feel; to be happy, to be hurt, to be sad, or be angry. For if these feelings are supressed too long, it may actually be worse than simply saying the vile words you want to blurt out then and there. At least the negative energy you have doesn’t build up- unlike other individuals who have kept some thoughts inside them for a long time who passed their breaking point and was driven into insanity. As for me (as I am terribly extroverted), any thoughts of mine cannot be kept inside myself. That urge to say it to someone is too tempting. And that temptation is always answered. Yes, I have folowed my own advice, but too much of anything is bad. In some cases, some thoughts are truly meant to be kept to themselves. There must be homeostasis- a state of balance. Nobody is perfect, but it’s nice to try to be once in a while. Just A Random Writer 💜


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